Do you help veterans with Social Security Disability?

We do not assist with social security disability. For North Carolina residents, we suggest you contact Fred D. Webb, Esq.. Mr. Webb is a Army veteran and has been been in practice for decades. His information is as follows:

Fred D. Webb Jr., Esq.
Social Security Disability Attorney
349 Carthage Street
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: (919) 775-1212
Contact Mr. Webb if your initial claim for SSD has been denied and you are looking to appeal that denial. If you are already service connected for any VA disabilities, we suggest you take all VA award letters and pertinent medical records with you when meeting with Mr. Webb. 

Do I need to call before coming to the Veterans Pavilion?

You do not need to call before visiting. We do not take appointments. We consult with veterans in the order that they arrive. Keep in mind that we are open Monday through Wednesday from Noon - 8 PM. We ask that you arrive by 7PM at the lastest so that we have time to give your case the attention and time it deserves.

Who can be helped at the Veterans Pavilion?

Any veteran filing a claim for VA benefits can be helped. If you do not have a viable claim in our assessment, we will  be forthright in telling you so. If you do have a viable claim, we are happy to assist you through the process.

The surviving spouse of a deceased veteran can be helped when the veteran met any of the criteria listed below:

  • died as the result of a service-connected disability
  • died on active duty
  • was rated "Totally" disabled for the 10 year period by a service-connected disability at time of death


How do I get to the Veteran's Pavilion? I need directions.

We are located at 1920 Cook Road in Durham, NC.

  • From the North or I-40, take Exit 276 (Fayetteville Road), go toward NCCU (South) 1 1/2miles, make a left turn onto Cook Road. Go 1/2 mile, you are at 1920 Cook Road. There will be a yellow house on your left located at the corner of Cook and Harmony Road. The Pavilion is inside the fenced area in back. Park to your right, the space in front of the gate is for those who have to use a wheelchair or a walker.
  • From the North come down Fayetteville Road, when you get to Hillside High School and Cook Road, continue on Fayetteville Road for two miles, you will see Cook Road for the second time, make a right turn onto Cook Road. Go 1/2 mile, you are at 1920 Cook Road. There will be a yellow house on your left located at the corner of Cook and Harmony Road. The Pavilion is inside the fenced area in back. Park to your right, the space in front of the gate is for those who have to use a wheelchair or a walker.

We've been trying to reach you by phone. When is the best time to call?

Because of the volume of clients we serve, we rarely accept phone calls. The best way to get your questions answered is to:

  • visit our FAQ page and browse previously submitted questions;
  • or visit our contact page and submit your question if your inquiry is specific to your claim.
  • email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • visit us during office hours

If you must call, the best time to call is Mon.- Wed between 6 and 7p.m. 

Information is available on our website about what we do, who we help, how to receive our help, when we are available and what to bring. We do not schedule appointments at our Durham office. Instead, we invite you to just come (during office hours). When you visit, we are happy to consult with you and review your records to learn specifics about you.

Can I see you on days other than Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday?

We only do face-to-face consultations in our Durham office during our scheduled hours - Monday through Wednesdays from noon to 8PM. We have to reserve weekday morning and all day Thursdays and Fridays to do case preparation, research, legal briefs and federal court cases and, for the sake of our clients, we maintain absolute discipline about keeping this schedule.

We do, on occasion, schedule consultations with veterans in Atlanta, GA

With this process and schedule, we've been among the most successful in the entire country at winning veteran disability claim cases for our clients.

Is the Veterans Pavilion Wheelchair Accessible?

The Veterans Pavilion is Wheelchair accessible. We reserve parking near the back gate for those with serious mobility issues. If that is your situation, please drive to the back and park at the "No Parking" signs near the fence. Please note that the drive is not paved so the terrain is rough and bumpy and there is a slope. We advise you travel with a companion or ask a fellow vet for assistance when you arrive. We help each other and we look out for veterans here.

Is there a fee Veterans Pavilion's services or are you a non-profit operating off of donations?

Yes, for most most claims this is a voluntary fee. We are not a non-profit nor are we a government entity operating from government funds. For claims that pay veterans retroactively, our fee is 10% of your retro payment each time our work gets you a retro payment. There is no fee for non-retro claims and veterans never owe us before a decision has been rendered and the veteran has been paid first. Not all veteran claims pay veterans retroactively and with some claims, because of payouts that veterans received at discharge, some veterans receive no retro payment until those balances are paid. Still, we take on those claims as well without regard of whether we'll receive a fee.

For decades there has never been a fee agreement or written contract. We have only requested that veterans contribute 10% of their retro. However, they have never  been required to contribute anything.

Can you assist with survivor benefits?

You will need to a documentation showing what disabilities the late veteran had VA service-connected, a copy of the death certificate and any documentation showing the veteran's total disability rating and how long he/she had been service-connected. If you are not in possession of the records we should be able to assist you with requesting them.

How can I request my records prior to visiting the Veterans Pavilion?

If you've never filed a claim, you can request your service medical records and personnel file:

download and complete Form SF 180 - Download Form | sample-form180
Mail to: Department of Veterans Affairs
Records Management Center
P.O. Box 5020
St. Louis, MO 63115-5020

* average time for delivery is 3 to 6 weeks


If you have previously filed a claim or you already have a service-connected disability, you can request your service medical records, personnel file and/or prior rating decisions by:

For Current Treatment Records, you can visit the medical facility offices and request a copy of your treatment records.