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Big Brother Harasses Us for Helping Featured

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Read our open letter response to recent harassing letters and undercover operatives sent by the VA to disrupt our success with help fellow veterans.

Mr. Y. Ken Lee
U. S. Department of Veterans
Office of the General Counsel
Washington, DC  20420

Dear Mr. Lee:

Thank you for your threatening letter dated July 22, 2014 [Exhibit 1] . You've given me reason and inspiration to come out of retirement.  I am not an “Agent of the Secretary” nor am I “accredited by the VA as an agent."  However, I have helped many of your “VA Accredited Agents” get their own VA benefits just as I've helped tens of thousands veterans get VA benefits.  Many of the cases I've prepared were referred to me by “Accredited VA Agents” that were unable to successfully represent those veterans themselves. The truth is that an overwhelming majority of  “VA Accredited Agents” lack adequate knowledge of VA laws and regulations. 

I will never forget Roger O. Owens. He was sitting on the steps of my office at the Veterans Pavilion with a big box of papers pertaining to the VA disability benefits claim he'd been fighting sixteen years. “Accredited Agents” had failed Owens for more than a decade and a half. "Accredited Agents" apparently knew nothing about VA laws and regulations and, instead, gave Owens its  “smoke and mirrors” “con”.  Meanwhile, I successfully helped Mr. Owens get his VA benefits.  The VA only teaches the so called "Accredited Agents" how to fill out some forms to get their “VA Accreditation”.  The VA uses the same “smoke and mirrors” VA Accreditation for its “Adjudicators.” That is why the VA has such a big case back log.  Recently, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) was able to see through the VA's “smoke and mirrors” [Exhibit 2].  It is of no surprise to me that so many veterans die because of the “smoke and mirrors” programs that exist within the VA system [Exhibit 3].  I will say it again, the VA teaches nothing about VA laws and regulations.  If anything, it compensates with bonuses for denying Veterans’ claims. Rather than threatening me for successfully helping thousands of veterans — most of whom have already exhausted the "accredited" resources available to them — you might consider investigating:

  1. why bonuses are paid to adjudicators for denying or under rating valid claims;
  2. why valid, fully substantiated claims for 85 year old cancer surviving, war veterans are delayed until they die;
  3. why elderly World War II and Korean War veterans who's records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the National Military Records Center are made to wait YEARS for the VA to perform the physically impossible task of "Reconstructing Medical Files" that were destroyed by fire;
  4. why Vietnam Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange are denied service connection for their Agent Orange related conditions because they were just of the coast of lands where the chemicals were sprayed.
  5. why veterans are receiving sub-par treatment and dying while waiting for care in VA medical centers
  6. why military  veterans disproportionately represent the homeless population - many of whom would be helped by disability benefits that they are due (many of whom I have assisted with claims and out of homelessness)
  7. why VA accreditation is as fraudulent and disingenuous as the VA claims process itself and persons who've successfully met all requirements wait years with their applications sitting "under review" while the veterans they seek to help go without competent assistance

Your threatening letter, [Exhibit 1] means nothing to me.  I earned three “Purple Hearts” in Vietnam; a “Combat Action Ribbon”; and a “Vietnam Cross of Gallantry”.  I have been to hell and back.  I have literally bled for this country. You are not capable of scaring me or discouraging me from doing what is right; from serving veterans.  I love helping veterans get what they deserve for serving this country and putting their lives in harms way.  I love helping a veteran to be able to take care of his/her family; to be able stand up and walk with dignity (he/she is somebody and deserves respect).  

You may consider yourself a “VA Super God” but that means nothing to me.  I have been attacked many times by the VA.  The last time was four years ago when two VA Inspector General Agents from the VA Criminal Investigation Division approached me, with guns, and attempted to use intimidation to persuade me to quit helping veterans.  Senator Burr looked into this matter [Exhibit 4] and the Inspector General explained to Senator Burr on July 14, 2001 [Exhibit 5].  I have also written to President Barrack Obama about the VA’s “smoke and mirrors” policy [Exhibit 6].

Mr. “Super God” Y. Ken Lee, you get to do your job of paying Adjudicator bonuses for making up ways of denying  Veterans’ claims, losing records, destroying records and making sure you can “kill as many veterans” as you can.  I am only helping veterans live their lives with dignity and respect. Despite the VA's long list of injustices, you find time to threaten me for helping veterans who voluntarily ask for help and, later, refer their veteran friends who need help?!?!

I feel so sorry for World War II veteran Richard Scott [Exhibit 7] who was caught up in the VA's "smoke and mirrors" program. It's nothing new for me as I've seen it many times before. I filed in Federal Court in Daye V. Nicholson 20 Vet App 512, 517 (2006) (Exhibit 6-A). The VA used about a 1/2 dozen attorneys to fight me and this aging Vet. Though the VA lost, they waited another 3 1/2 years for the veteran to die so they would not have to pay him.

I am ending this letter with words of the Federal Court in Daye V. Nicholson 20 Vet App 512, 517 (2006):

"Back to the Future" may be a concept suitable for movies and theme parks but cannot serve as the basis for denying the claims of veterans."


Semper Fi,

Innsbruck T. Breeze

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